What is a blog?

BLOG Scrabble Tiles“Blog” is short for “weblog.” A blog is made up of a sequential set of articles and announcements called “posts.” Posts can include any kind of news and information.

On the Elders Living in Their Element Web site, posts will include information about member services, event announcements, business news, meeting highlights, and more.

Why use a blog?

Our site is built in WordPress and runs on WordPress.com servers. This framework includes the blog mechanics, and it makes everything easier:

  • Writers can add information to the Web site without having to know anything about Web maintenance, writing code, or even about the site structure.
  • The Web master can set up the site structure and menus to sort and display topics in interesting–and hopefully logical–ways.
  • Visitors to the site can find information in the articles via the Search field in the sidebar or by browsing the blog archives by category or date.  On our site, the Search field is in the sidebar, and the archive lists are in the footer of each page.

In the end, a blog is just a way to organize some of the content of a Web site using some automatic sorting wizardry provided by modern Web site design.  So if you see the words “blog” or “posts,” you’ll know these are just modern shorthand for Web site information.

About D. L. Diehl

Author, artist, web designer, and rational thinker, I like a little whimsy with my science. My children's book, "Misho of the Mountain, an Adventure in Five Parts," will be released ... someday.
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